Wayne Norman  
  Pedestal, Dolly, Hand-Held, TechnoJib,
TechnoCrane, Camera Operator
  RoboCam Operator  
  Jimmy Jib Owner/Operator  
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RoboCams allow the unfettered coverage of events and people with minimal intrusion.  A great RoboCam Operator monitors the content of the show and accurately frames each camera, maximizing coverage.  When emotions run high, the RoboCam operator has to be able to make smooth, on-air movements that fit the drama of the moment.

It is not the equipment that makes for great RoboCam coverage, it's the operator.  I pay close attention to the dialogue so I anticipate the actions that may occur and plan accordingly.  I also know how to utilize the preset systems so the camera can be quickly set to a position and focal length that works consistently.

A great RoboCam Operator must be capable of multitasking and have the finesse to make accurate pan and tilt moves with smooth zooms and sharp focus. They have to be able to manipulate multiple cameras, and select the camera with the most important shot at the moment for total control, while monitoring the others for complementary shots or action occurring in other coverage areas.   I have the experience and skills to make the Robotic camera a vital part of the camera mix, one that can be consistently relied upon to get the right shot.

I don't need to be directed every moment and take the initiative to follow the event and people.  In multi-camera environments I take into consideration what shots the other cameras have and make every effort to exclude other cameras and not to have a matching shot.  

RoboCams have come a long way from their security camera beginnings.  Most feature motors and servo systems that allow smooth and accurate zooms, focus, pans and tilts.  There are still zoom and focus limitations unless full broadcast quality lenses are used, but the lenses in many of the higher grade melded units are now good enough to be capable of high quality on-air moves with the right operator.

Because I am also a video engineer I can paint the cameras so they match, making the post process more streamlined.

I have the experience and strong technical knowledge to deliver exceptional robotic system placement and operation.

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